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The Merseyside Western Front Association.

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Guest Speakers for 2009.

8th January. AGM  Stephen McGreal. Silent Cities (Rake Lane).
5th February. Rob Thompson. Mud, Blood and Wood.
5th March. Peter Hart. V Beach, Gallipoli.
2nd April. Dr. Simon Peaple. Semi Open War.
7th May. Peter Pocock. Characters in the East Africa Campaign.
4th June. Paul Hanson. 7th Battalion Tank Corps 1918.
2nd July. Geoff Hales. Private Kipling- A One Man Show.
6th August. Clive Harris. The Greater Game. Sporting Heroes who fell in the Great War.  
3rd September. John Rowland. Members of the Liverpool Medical Institute who died in the Great War.
1st October. Stephen McGreal. Battleground Boesinghe.
5th November. Viv John. TheTerritorial Force in the Great War.
3rd December. Christmas social evening & Members talks.

The Western Front Association was established in 1980 by the noted historian John Giles. The association has grown over the years to more than 6,500 members world wide. The W.F.A. has supported many remberance and research projects, from the restoration of battlefield memorials, to organising care for veterans, to re-establishing the 11-00 a.m. two minute silence at the Cenotaph on 11th November.